Donations/Fund Raising

To help raise much needed funds to help pay for every day items such as stationary, merchandise to sell and training etc. In conjunction with the special event days that produce an income we are running three ongoing schemes that with your help would provide us with an income. The first scheme is a Donation Form that you can use, the second is the Charnwood Community Lottery and the third is the Ink Cartridge Recycling scheme.  We would much appreciate your help. 


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Fibromyalgia Lottery

We have launched a lottery on the Charnwood Community Lottery page. To start supporting and a change to win prizes of up to £25,000 visit our direct link to Charwood Lottery For every ticket you buy at £1 per week 50% of all tickets sold from our page goes to our group and 10% goes to other local good causes.

Don’t forget when you visit Charnwood Lottery, you must use this link Charnwood Lottery to purchase tickets.

Ink Cartridge Recycling


Don’t throw your empty ink cartridges away recycle them. For every original inkjet cartridges you recycle and give to us we can claim £1 towards the groups funds. Sorry compatible cartridges are not accepted they must be originals. Cartridges can be sent directly to our Recycling Partner, Recycling 4 Charity or for envelopes call us on 0116 2988007 or e-mail
We need your cartridges!