Q     Can fibromyalgia cause a heart attack?

A     When you have fibromyalgia, you often experience some symptoms of heart disease, such as chest pain, heartburn, and heart palpitations. However, researchers in Taiwan have discovered that fibromyalgia patients have a higher risk for heart disease and should have their heart issues taken seriously. 4th Feb 2019


Q     Has anyone died from fibromyalgia?

A     It is certainly not killing anyone. However, there have been sporadic reports in the literature of increased mortality due to cardiovascular disease and suicide. However, none of the fibromyalgia patients who did commit suicide had a medical history of depression or other psychiatric illness at the time of diagnosis. 4th Jan 2011


Q     Can fibromyalgia go away?

A     In studies that have been looked at, if people have had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue for two years or under, the chance of the condition going away reaches 70 to 80%. If you’ve had it for eight years or longer, it’s much less likely that it’s going to go away. 13th Feb 2008


Q     Do I have MS or fibromyalgia?

A     Multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia both involve the nervous system and cause chronic symptoms, such as pain and fatigue. However, there are crucial differences. Unlike MS, fibromyalgia is not an autoimmune disease. Currently, the medical community does not fully understand what causes fibromyalgia. 28th Nov 2018


Q     Can fibromyalgia cause mental illness?

A     This chronic disorder causes aches and pains that are severe enough to impact normal activity and disrupt sleep. If those symptoms weren’t enough, however, fibromyalgia also often causes mental health issues for many patients. It can lead to cases of depression, anxiety, or other psychological disorders Some people find that when they present fibromyalgia symptoms to their GP, it takes some time to be diagnosed. Many people are misdiagnosed, because fibromyalgia is not well understood, being only identified and labelled in the 1990’s


Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Fibromyalgia

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