Royal Mail provides support for customers with accessibility needs

On November 8, 2023, Royal Mail unveiled enhanced options for customers with accessibility requirements to prevent missed deliveries. Through Parcel Collect, residents can now specify their ‘accessibility needs,’ such as requesting louder knocks or extended wait times during deliveries. This accommodation extends to Parcelforce residential deliveries as well.

Households can register their accessibility preferences for parcel deliveries or collections via Parcel Collect, catering to individuals with disabilities or specific accessibility needs. This customisation, whether for a more audible knock or increased waiting time, is conveniently accessible through the Royal Mail app or by contacting the customer service team.  Furthermore, the Royal Mail app allows customers to establish a safe place delivery preference for upcoming parcel deliveries. This feature empowers customers to designate a secure location for parcel placement during instances when they are unavailable to receive the delivery in person.  


In the ‘my account’ section of the Royal Mail app or by reaching out to customer service, customers can seamlessly set their accessibility needs and safe place delivery preferences. The established accessibility service remains valid for one year, with the option for annual renewal. Customers retain the flexibility to modify or discontinue the service at their convenience, either through the Royal Mail app or by contacting customer service.  For Parcelforce customers, the process mirrors that of Royal Mail, allowing them to configure accessibility needs through the same channels. Additionally, if they are already Royal Mail customers, their accessibility request automatically applies.  


Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail, emphasized the importance of this development in enhancing customer service. He acknowledged the trust placed in Royal Mail’s delivery personnel and highlighted how these additional details about customers with specific needs enable posties to ensure unhurried and accurate deliveries. Landon reiterated Royal Mail’s commitment to continually improving delivery services, citing the introduction of accessibility needs as a prime example of this ongoing effort.