Fibromyalgia and the corona covid19 virus

Vulnerable people shielded list coronavirus

We have had many people contacting us about Fibromyalgia and the corona covid 19 virus

We have had many people contacting us about Fibromyalgia and the covid 19 virus, including being asked about if they should be on the shielded list. 

The answer is you will not necessarily be on the shielded list because of Fibromyalgia alone.  This is because none of the recommended medications for Fibromyalgia alter your immune system.  If you have other conditions for example certain types of arthritis that you need immune system modifying medications for such as methotrexate, then you maybe on the list.   GPs if they feel you fit the vulnerable people shielded list criteria can add you onto the shielded list, this is important if you need government provided food supplies or help with care and getting medication.  

If you are on the list then you can register for the food and care/collecting medication service here:

This is not a medical opinion so if you are in any doubt, then please talk to a medical professional.

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  1. I have long covid and also have and still have arthritis and fibromyalgia it makes me so so tired and hurt so much I take 8 30/500 co codamol tablets 4 time’s a day plus other meds for other things I can do so little it’s dreadful I’m lucky my son and his husband live here couldn’t do without them

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