A video about living with Fibromyalgia

Rebecca Browne living in Northern Ireland gives her view on living with Fibromyalgia: 


A long-term back injury and fibromyalgia left 26-year-old Rebecca Browne unable to leave her house.

“I was like a prisoner in my own home, so I eventually had to look into getting a wheelchair,” she said.

Rebecca received a wheelchair loan through the British Red Cross Mobility Aid Service. It’s available to people when hospitals don’t have wheelchairs available for short-term use.

“There’s a perception that wheelchairs are only for people that can’t walk and they’re for so much more than that,” she said.

“When I got the wheelchair I was able to go out to the shop or go to the park.”

Red Cross manager Fionnuala Molloy says there has been an increase in wheelchair loans across Northern Ireland since lockdown began.

“A lot of hospitals needed to get folk out fairly quickly so there’s been quite a quick turnaround for discharge.

“A lot of our requests are about making sure people aren’t bed-bound in their own homes or that they can at least get out to the garden, because that makes a real difference.”

Video journalist: Niall McCracken


One thought on “A video about living with Fibromyalgia

  1. I knew that I have had fibromyalgia for some time it was just getting a diagnosis:
    I needed it to be confirmed,I have suffered this condition with a reaction,! People regard you as either lazy ,or not willing,I find this most difficult because I am a night shift worker/people assume it is because it’s my shift pattern,
    People need to understand that not all those with a disability are visual ; I may not appear to be in pain or difficulty , but you believe me I am in pain all over, My fatigue should not be legal/again I am lazy,,,! Walk in our shoes for one day,

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